What did Santa bring for us?

Its time to rejoice

Sachin Mishra
2 min readDec 27, 2020


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Hello to all the ones reading this post hope you are in a good spirit of health.

Some of us have already lost a lot this year. But always remember if there is dark, a ray of light always makes its way into our lives.

The dark year of 2020 is now getting over after making millions infected physically, financially and billion infected mentally.

What is the Situation in India

We are the second most affected country as per the world meter, yet the active cases are less than 3 lakh.

With daily falls in new cases and a rise in recovery, the gap is increasing every moment.

We are now on a path to recovery, both with pandemic as well as economic.

A lot of people lost jobs this year, but they able to create successful startups. People from the hospitality industry (I am a part of it as well) are worst affected, but this did result in a lot of professionals becoming serious entrepreneurs,

Most of them are now praising 2020 as it has given them a different way to lead life.

Innovation is the invitation to success.

People who were able to innovate are now leading to success. If you can innovate and execute, then the sky is just the limit.

What was 2020 A Year?

A Year full of innovations, implementations, executions, prioritizing mental and physical well being,

A year that gave a strong message to invite savings culture.

A year that told us real happiness lies with the family.

A year of hopes, combined with failures and success.

A year that encouraged people to become self-reliant.

and lastly,

A year that has encouraged us to grow despite the uncertainties.

What did Santa bring for us?

Finally, we stepping in 2021, and with the last few concluding days, we are looking forward to having a peaceful, healthy, and economically stable 2021.



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