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We are covering some of the Mysterious Temples of India.

This world is full of fun, excitement, misery, and when it comes to ancient tales, these mysteries always grabs our attention.

Temples and Mysteries always go together, and whenever you talk about Indian temple, there is an interesting story with it always.

Although India has hundreds of mysterious places, some of these temples will keep you fascinated.

Let’s start our temple trail with a Smile and a deep calm breath

1. Temple with INR 90,000 /- CRORES in its Vault

The amount is too much well in simple terms that will come to nearly a billion USD. It is more than the GDP of many countries.

No, we are not talking about any Bank(s) but, the amount is in a Temple.

The Padmanabhaswamy Temple

The temple is in Thiruvananthapuram, the Capital city of Kerala.

This mysterious place came into the limelight in 2011, when the Supreme court of India ordered to open 5 out of its 6 Vault. A lot of gold ornaments, coins, and other precious stones amounting to a total of 22 Billion USD are in the Vault.

Out of six Vaults named A to F were scheduled to open, but vault B remains closed. As they say, opening this one without the secret chants can bring a lot of misfortunes to the world.

Another theory says vault B is full of cobras, and opening it will be dreadful.

There are mixed opinions on the opening or closing of it, and who knows it contains cobras or another 22 billion USD?

2. A Temple with Flame from rocks

Have you seen fire coming out of stones? With no gas, no petroleum, no any other flammable substance?

If not, then head out to Jwala Devi Temple.

Jwala Devi Temple

Located in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh near Dharamshala. this place is famous for its miraculous flames. Now also very popular among renowned scientists who are trying to solve the mystery of fire from the rock.

This is one of the most Mysterious Temples of India.

Story of Crushing Mughal Ruler Akbar’s Ego

There is a Story about Akbar, who followed his family tradition of destroying Indian Temples.

He tried to douse the flames of this holy place by pumping huge water towards it by changing the direction of the nearby river. But failing to it the ruler bowed down to the Goddess and offered a souvenir that got cracked resembling non-acceptance by Jwala Devi.

The authorities keep souvenirs out of the Temple, giving a clear message to humanity.

No matter how many wars you have won, don’t mess with divine powers

3. Visa temple

Are you getting Visa for the United States?

If not, then visit this place. You might get your VISA in a few days.

Chilkoor Balaji, popularly known as VISA Balaji, is located in the City of Hyderabad. And It is one of the oldest temples in India. The temple authority doesn’t take any donations from its devotees. Even it doesn't have any hundi or Daan Patra

As maximum devotees come with wishes of Visa, it gets its nickname as Visa Balaji Temple.

Next time getting trouble getting Visa, head to this temple 🙂

Temple of Mysteries or Veerabhadra Temple, located in the Lepakshi town on the borders of Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka is a temple full of mysteries.

Temple has a hanging pillar that doesn’t touch its base on the ground.

Paintings on the roof, Shiva lings on the premises, a large foot, and monolithic Nandi are some of the main attractions.

I have shared my Journey to these Mysterious Temples below with a story associated with Lepakshi.

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5. Nidhivan (a place where God descends in the night)

A Garden in which Lord Krishna descends as per folklore’s and do Ras Leela.

Located in the holy town of Vrindavan, approximately 150 KM from the National Capital of Delhi.

The Garden is open for visitors till 17:00 hrs.

At 5:00 PM the priest keeps PAN, sweets, vermillion, bangles in a small temple called Rang mahal that is surrounded by a park.

Every morning all items are scattered and look like if they were used at night.

The houses nearby don’t have any windows towards the park, and it is a saying that people who have seen the park in the night either lost their sight or became mentally unstable. It's said people have heard the flute and strange sounds at night, but people choose not to disturb the Gods.

In the Daytime, this orchard is lively with visitors, birds all around and transforms into an eerie spot after sunset.

6.The Menstruating Goddess

People are still quiet speaking about this biological process

Kamakhya Mata temple is in Guwahati city of Assam. This holy place is on a spot where Goddess Sati’s Yoni (Genital) fell when Lord Shiva danced with her corpse.

There are no idols inside the premise but, there is a Yoni where people worship, and this place is also among 51 Shakti Pithas and holds an important place in Hindu mythology.

Ambubachi Festival

The festival is celebrated from 22nd to 25th June every year. During this time the Temple is closed.

Before closing, the priest places a white wet cloth near Yoni, and after 3 days cloth turns red, a symbol of Mensuration. The Devotees get wet cloth as Holy offerings that are called Ambubachi cloth, hence the name derived for the festival.

Kamakhya mata is a symbol of women empowerment in India.

Where people are still quiet speaking about this biological process of Mensuration and considers it a taboo to talk.

It is important to visit Umanand Bhairon Temple, located nearby, as they say, Journey is incomplete without visiting this temple.

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7. Temple where an Idol is — 350CC Royal Enfield RNJ7773

When we hear about the bullet, a heavy bike with thug sound resembles in our memories.

How about we start worshiping it?

No, we are not flattering the manufacturers, instead we are talking about a temple with a Bullet bike as a Shrine to OM banna. Om Banna, also known as Bullet Baba’s shrine, is in Pali town and 53Km from Blue city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

The history behind Bullet baba

Om Singh Rathore (Om Banna) was traveling on the highway, where his motorcycle hit a tree resulting in spot death of OM.

The Police took the motorcycle to a nearby police station only to find it at the accident spot the next night. In Morning Police chained and locked the vehicle but, a shock for all as it was on the accident spot again in next day. Every attempt to keep the motorcycle at the police station failed as it kept returning to the accident location.

It was a real-time miracle for the locals and, in tribute, they have built a shrine with the bullet next to it as respect to OM Banna.

It is a saying that his spirit protects distressed travelers. And people who pass by the shrine offer Liquor, flowers, incense sticks, and sweets.

8. A Temple to take away Bad spirits

Mehendipur Balaji temple is in the Dausa district of Rajasthan, 110 Km from the State Capital of Jaipur is a shrine of the eternal God Hanuman.

The Temple is popular for curing people who are suffering from evil spirits or are under the influence of a black magic spell.

When you visit the giant hall located in the backyard of the shrine, there will be people in mysterious conditions like hitting the head with a rock and displaying miraculous yet disturbing scenarios.

Boondi laddu (a sweet dish) along with Urad dal, and rice, is an offering to the shrine as it helps in purifying sole from evil spirits. People who visited the temple say if outside the temple someone calls you, do not look back. You may get bad spirits too.

The holy place is getting devotees mostly on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Mysteries are always around us and in a lot of forms. Some call it mythology, and others call as mere coincidence or superstition. We leave it up to their perceptions.

These were some of the mysterious temples located in India.

If you have visited a temple and want to share the location please feel free to comment.

Thank you for staying with us on this journey.

Stay tuned. Keep Smiling

Originally published at on October 14, 2020.

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