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How Amazing it is that you work once and get paid multiple times?

It is great to work once and keep getting recurring income from it. The writers who had published bestseller books, this is easy as they get a royalty fee from a publisher who is selling the books they write.

Today I am sharing some of how you can increase your…

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The year 2020 was a teacher with a stick in terms of health and wealth. The last year of the decade has given us a lot of real-life experiences.

The importance of savings is now well versed in the minds of people.

But, here is a problem.

A lot of…

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Hello to all the ones reading this post hope you are in a good spirit of health.

Some of us have already lost a lot this year. But always remember if there is dark, a ray of light always makes its way into our lives.

The dark year of 2020…

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Medium is a microblogging platform that needs no introduction, some call it thoughts sharing place, and others call it youtube for writers.

Medium is gaining popularity since 2018 when blogging started to become a full-time profession. …

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In my last post, I spoke about a real-time pandemic, “depression” It is a very unbiased disease, and people from all walks of life are suffering from it.

I spoke about some of the mistakes that increase depression, and in this post, there are some points and easy remedies that…

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