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Sachin Mishra
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It is Amazing that you work once and get paid multiple times for it as Your 600 Words have the potential to earn 60+USD

Credits — Free to use on Unsplash

It is great to work once and keep getting recurring income from it. The writers who had published bestseller books, this is easy as they get a royalty fee from a publisher who is selling the books they write.

Today I am sharing some of how you can increase your earnings and how you can make more money from a single blog, but make sure not just run for the money but try to provide value in your Articles.

Website / Blog

Write Quality blogs on your site and keep promoting them. When you have decent traffic on your blog, start running Advertisements…

Let us defeat the hand to mouth problems

Credits — Aran on unsplash

The year 2020 was a teacher with a stick in terms of health and wealth. The last year of the decade has given us a lot of real-life experiences.

The importance of savings is now well versed in the minds of people.

But, here is a problem.

A lot of people are now either jobless or on a pay cut or have limited savings that are making them anxious and scared about their commitments.

In today’s post, I am sharing 4ways to earn passive income.

Now you are no more worried about the skyrocketing bills.

Stock Market

Trading in the stock market…

Its time to rejoice

DRZ on Unsplash

Hello to all the ones reading this post hope you are in a good spirit of health.

Some of us have already lost a lot this year. But always remember if there is dark, a ray of light always makes its way into our lives.

The dark year of 2020 is now getting over after making millions infected physically, financially and billion infected mentally.

What is the Situation in India

We are the second most affected country as per the world meter, yet the active cases are less than 3 lakh.

With daily falls in new cases and a rise in recovery, the gap is increasing…

Because they said failure is part of life

Credits — Arash on Unsplash

Medium is a microblogging platform that needs no introduction, some call it thoughts sharing place, and others call it youtube for writers.

Medium is gaining popularity since 2018 when blogging started to become a full-time profession. In the favorite year of 2020, this microblogging platform, along with other social media channels, witnessed a surge in growth.

Traffic and users on these sites increased with a lot of small startups and entrepreneurs promoting on all sorts of social media sites.

A lot of people started blogging, some used it for time pass while others had a plan to make a decent…

The Evergreen Excuses of Humans are Epitome to the Failures

Renee on Unsplash

This year will be one of the most memorable years in the history of the 20th century. Not only we witnessed a change in work pattern this year, but we were able to see how important it is to have a social life to avoid depression.

The current year is not prosperous in terms of money, yet as for me, it is a revolutionary year. A year which changed everything and the desired changes were due to a virus.

Below are some of the things that must end with 2020 to make the world a better place to live in…

Credits — Nik on Unsplash

Every platform uses its algorithm to improve the experience of its viewers. Some use hashtags, and others use tags.

Relevant tags can be beneficial for content creators, as the publishers get more exposure to their content.

If you are not using the right tags, the content might not reach the correct audience.

Below are some of the Social Media platforms and popular tags.

Use these popular tags as well as hashtags in providing maximum exposure to your content.

A Tweet has a temporary shelf life, and to make it reach a mass audience in a short period, you need to…

Hard work deserves high payouts.

Sharon on Unsplash

Writing is not easy work to carry out. It needs immense patience, knowledge, and hard work to get success in this field.

The majority of the worldwide writers can write and earn from Medium. But, we all know it is a long game to be successful on this site, and reaching the 100$ mark requires a lot of hard work.

You can always write on this microblogging site as it has a set of an audience of its own.

However, if you are looking to earn some quick money by submitting articles,

Below are some of the platforms which pay…

Simple Home Remedies, Conquer the World by Yourself

Credits — Sincerely Media

In my last post, I spoke about a real-time pandemic, “depression” It is a very unbiased disease, and people from all walks of life are suffering from it.

I spoke about some of the mistakes that increase depression, and in this post, there are some points and easy remedies that help in curing this mental illness.

Life is not that complicated as we take it. Some tensions are like seeds that get planted in our minds, which result in anxiety, fear, and in a later phase can result in depression.

To solve such tensions, we should train our mindset to…

Fleet on Twitter is a Big Update For All Bloggers

Credits Nathan Dumlao

Twitter is a social media platform that needs no introduction. The little bluebird is flying very successfully from the day of its inception, and credits to the company’s owner created a site where you are reading this post.

Twitter is a platform helpful in running mass campaigns, small interactions, and sometimes a lot of informal interactions take place here. You will not find people sharing loads of images or check-in to a restaurant or emoticons, as everything is express in words.

Yes, You have to go and write as posting smileys will not work.

Though, 250 words are not enough…

All thanks to this feature on Medium.

Email marketing is one of the best ways to be in touch with followers, and it is also a best practice to generate traffic to our blogs.

Credits — Erica on Unsplash

Email newsletters are a great way to keep all the readers and followers updated about the new blogs, new features on the website, or any other beneficial information that can act as a clickbait for the readers.

We all want to have a high volume of traffic on our blogs and to enroll in mail marketing.

Some platforms charge a certain amount to avail their services.

  • Stratechery
  • Sinocism
  • Cleaning the Glass
  • Hot Pod

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